Spa Benefits | Benefits of Owning a Hot Tub in Victoria, BC


Spa Benefits | Benefits of Owning a Hot Tub in Victoria, BC


Spas are often viewed cosmetically, as luxury or big-ticket items to impress friends and family, but they are much more than that.  There are many health benefits to owning and routinely using a home spa system. Ranking at the top of the list is stress relief. The body when surrounded by pulsating waves of water, immediately relaxes and tense muscles loosen up, rapid shallow breathing evens out, causing cortisol (stress hormone) levels to decrease. Soaking in a hot tub or spa also helps to relieve high blood pressure, headaches and chronic pains that are brought on by high amounts of stress on the mind and body.


Most hot tubs or spas have features that provide a light to intense massage while you are immersed in the warm water. As we go about our daily lives of working and expending physical and mental energy, the mind and body can go into a state of distress if we don’t take the time to rest. Massage can induce a calming effect which achieved on a regular basis can help us to perform better at work, study more effectively and be more creative overall.

Improved Sleep

Studies have shown that more people than ever suffer from sleep related disorders that can stem from medical issues or just the daily toils and stress of life. Spending at least 15 minutes to a half-hour in a hot tub before retiring at night can help promote more sound and regular sleeping habits. Reports show that hot water induces sleep, brings the body’s internal temperature down, surprisingly enough, and alleviates body tension, which can cause restlessness and keep you awake at night.  Also, devoting special quiet time regularly at night is key to preparing the mind and body for sleep. As we’ve become more reliant on our tech gadgets and devices, it can be challenging to turn them off for the evening. Cell phones, tablets and high end televisions emit rays and energy that specifically promote interactivity which negatively affects sleep patterns. If you’re spending time in your spa or hot tub before bed, you are forced to put your devices away, which at times can be a good thing!

Social Life

There is a saying that active people are happy people. Having a hot tub or swim spa brings with it an entertainment factor that always brings people together. Spa parties, an all-girl’s relaxation day, wind-down time after the big game with the guys and cherished time with a loved one, are just a few ways you can turn your spa into social central adding to your quality of life.

Family Ties

During the week it’s usually rare for families to get to spend any quality time together. By the time everyone gets home from work or school they are so spent that all they have time to do is eat a quick meal, study and tie up loose ends from the day and go to bed. Having a hot tub or home spa can promote bonding time between family members. Instead of hopping on the Internet at night after dinner, moms and daughters can take some hot tub time to discuss school and personal issues with one another. Over the weekend dads and sons can take a dip after going on a bike ride.

Arthritis Relief

Anyone who has suffered from arthritis knows how painful and uncomfortable it can be. Sore, stiff joints need heat to operate properly and this is where having a hot tub or swim spa can be very beneficial. By incorporating daily hot tub time, people who have arthritis can achieve an improved range of motion, stronger muscles and body stamina, more fluidity in order to exercise more effectively and an overall increase in body circulation.


Adding a spa to your home can increase its value and help your bottom-line. The housing market is very competitive and often a home is sold because it has a few more wish-list items than another. In the long-run the purchase of a home spa will pay for itself over time.

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